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good call

So adorable!

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Super rough Jade on this late night.
The things I do to my animated bbs.
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Hey Internet, it’s my birthday! And you know what that means—a new page of Habeaky! Where I take pages of Craig Thompson’s Habibi, copy the backgrounds to the extent of my ability, and replace all the people and angst with stupid chickens. 
Sorry this year’s page is a little simpler than last year’s; I hurt my wrist working on a real project and to hold back a little, haha!
As always, apologies to Craig Thompson.

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Sorry for the lack of art recently! Have a Late Night Selfie Doodle.
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© Sarah Ferber 2009

My friend Ferbs makes awesome art…

Check out the art of Sarah Ferber (( lollibotomy )) you guys! She is a RAD GAL with some SWEET ART!
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© Sarah Ferber 2013

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If anyone had asked me whether I thought I’d ever feel a need to draw a comic about The Maury Show featuring Shojou(?!) Maury, I would have laughed full in their face.
But then, in the span of the rote 3-Act Paternity Play of DNA Testing Segments (exposition, results, explosive reaction of some kind), this happened. And Maury didn’t chase the distraught woman to the green room like he normally does. She ran backstage, per usual, but Maury remained seated in his chair; and when the camera cut to him, he was making the HAPPIEST FACE. And as the couple in question yelled at each other so loudly they could be heard THROUGH the set, he just gazed off into the middle distance with a contented sigh and cut to commercial.

Mia I’m so glad you made a comic of this.
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Kirie from the previous drawing with a transparent background.
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